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PD Dr.Peter Schneider
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"Absolutes und Relatives Gehör."
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"Reduced cortical thickness in Heschl's gyrus as an in vivo marker for human primary auditory cortex."
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Heschl Gyri

Sound-processing areas
of the brain

Auditory Neuroplasticity in the Adult Musical Brain

The research group, “Music and Brain,” has undertaken a neuroscientific study of the development of musical hearing ability, since the academic year 2011/12 in the “Hochschule für Musik” (College of Music) in Basel. Research partners are Universitätsspital Basel, Universitätklinikum Heidelberg und die Schola Cantorum Basiliensis; members of the research team include: PD Dr. Maria Blatow (Universitätsspital Basel), PD Dr. Peter Schneider (Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg) and Prof. Elke Hofmann (Hochschule für Musik Basel).

PD Dr. Maria Blatow
Prof. Elke Hofmann