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PD Dr.Peter Schneider
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New Publications:

"Absolutes und Relatives Gehör."
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"Reduced cortical thickness in Heschl's gyrus as an in vivo marker for human primary auditory cortex."
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Open info-days at KLAWA:

assessment of hearing abilities in Heidelberg Discover your musical instrument >>

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Heschl Gyri

Sound-processing areas
of the brain

Research Projects

At present two research projects are running:

AMseL Project

Heidelberg/Graz: Audio plasticity and Neuroplasticity of musical learning II – a long term study with intensively active musicians and children with particular learning differences (ADD, ADHD and LRD) funded by BMBF the in domain of JeKi-Emphasis of Research (Emphasis: Musical support, AD(H)D, Dyslexia.) further information >>

Audio Project

Heidelberg/Basel: Auditory neuroplasticity of the adult musical Brain – a long term study of Music Students from Basel funded by the DFG & SNF. further information >>